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what a new year``

today is the 3rd day of CNY
yet,im not really enjoying in this cny..
cos nth to do..
1st day already use half day to go relative's houses to take ang pao..
till today..

yet,he seldom find me..
most of the time is im the one who called him..
he seems so busy..
today i nvr sms even call him..
cos i noe he sure busy and enjoying his cny
i noe i shouldnt bothering him in this moment..
so i jz invisible myself..
its sad and bored,but...
wat else i can do?
wat i expect to ask him to realize me ...
since im not really a girl dat he wanted..
i wont put too much hope for hoping he will notice me..

dun even dare to ask him question..
since when i become so useless...
i used to be a girl who dare to do watever i want infront of the guy i love
but him?
im getting weak and weak...
sum1 said,why u wan make urself till so useless when u got him?
did he notice?did he appreciate?
i was like...
i dunno...
"im lost i guess..."
this is wat love...
this is wat i get when i hope for love...
but i still love him ..
i always ask myself to nt love more than the guy who love me..
but i cant do so..
silly ain't i?

sumtimes i feel,
is it he dun even dare to say break to me..
cos his girls always said break to him..
he dun even dare to hurt me?
or he jz lonely nid sumbody to entertain him?
is it he waiting me to say it?
when i think of it,
im getting headache..
force myself to stop thinking of that..
cos when he realize i think so,
he wont say anything..
or he will just walk away forever...

i dunno is it he wan me to say..
dats why i dun even dare to say it..
cos everytime im the one who think too much...
end with i lost those good guys..
i dunwan have such thing happen again..
and i do love him..i dunwan this to happen...
he wont comfort me when i think too much..
how hurt when i saw "dar" in his websms dat he open in his browser..
he just said"u think too much..lol.."
and close the browser..
it make me feel more hurt when noe he close,is it he scare to let me saw it?
but after i calm myself,i noe he wont do such thing,cos he noe how to think,he not those type of guys dat i found out outside..
i trust him..yes i should..

day goes and comes,im getting un concious with wat happening around me.

*controlling my tears this time*

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