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Yikes! It was a hectic week I should say, filled with plans and timeless for me. However, it still fun and exciting … Now I’m back to my normal quiet moment… great or not? I don’t know~


Called up babe Chloe about her msg on Monday regarding yamcha session at SHEPHERDOO that I suggested… 1st we decided to go only both of us, till suddenly she mentioned Derrick said wanna have another gathering for ns wira and wirawati..but only for Klang and we don’t want other to know about it as later they said we never invite, so we treat it as a normal outing… called up Seh Way and Raymond about the time and venue..

Still the earliest are both of them, then till me and Derrick... both of them complaint cos we are late.. I knew they will said so, so I keep quiet and wait babe… She late cause got spot check by police while she on the way, complaint the police stop her because of her tattoo on her back, accused her saying that she is selling drug, we kept laughed becos the accusement by the police..

Ordered a Mojito and a dessert for myself, somehow it is a relaxing night for us, chat and laughs with each other, this yamcha session cost us rm108 per receipt, i was kinda suprised but its worth that I've enjoyed and money doesn't really matter after having a good time in fact.


It is an exciting day for me. A ladies night plan with colleagues, of course got guy colleagues as well... it actually started with an usual day, in the mid there is something freaking mad happened on me, i cried in the office and one of the manager came over and consult me.. till i felt better.. nahh, is all about the superior things.. which made me fed up and pissed off over her... she just cant stop it...

it somehow ruined my mood, i was thinking to cancel my plan with my colleagues but i dont want to make them disappointed, so i go on with the plan, off work but raining, Crystal asked me whether want to go for shop at Pyramid while waiting for the other to done their jobs. While on the way we talked and reached Pyramid,as im wearing a low cut shirts with a formal pants, i told Crystal i wanted to change my pants, then she asked me to change in the car, she helped me to spy.. there was a car stop infront of us while i was trying to wear the jeans after i take off...me and Crystal kept laughed.. wonder what if the guys saw it... oh goshhh...

i then received a call from my previous interviewer, offer me a job with post Marketing Indoor Support, yet i have to go for medical checkup first. I agreed and set a date for both of us to meet up again.. feel so excited if i can work under the post in fact.. something different eh? who knows~

I bought myself a singlet at TOPSHOP, Crystal said looks nice on me and slim, it looks ordinary yet just fitted right way. Then we off to Sasa, i bought myself a Eyeliner Gel by KATE, i bought one from Maybelline but its choco color,I wanted black color and finally i got it from SASA ~ Crystal bought two eyeliner with kinda nice color, i paid for her as i told her one is for her birthday present on Saturday. She kinda suprised after i saying gv her a gift..

Raymond called up and said he reached, me and Crystal rushed to toilet to done our make up, when we met Raymond, he then says,"said go toilet, ended up go make up...apalah niii" , i laughed ...what to do, girls ~~ xD

then reached Kim Gary, met Kelly, Chee Ho, they said i look different after make up, of cos~ they never see the me after work...(LOL) we had our talks at Kim Gary, I ordered a Stone Unagi Rice same goes Raymond, but ended up we couldn't finish it. Topics from colleagues, jobs to personal life, till when Raymond and Chee Ho went out for smoke cigg, i followed. It was a hectic moment for us in the job, things happen unexpected, Chee Ho claimed to be really pissed off over the colleagues, yet i mad over my superior, but till the end we tried to take off the mad feelings and enjoy our night outing.. Chee Ho told me Nicholas and Summer are coming too, i was really really suprised till when i saw Summer, as she said her husband take care her child, so she can come and enjoy club, she did mentioned to me before, saying she wanted to go club with me, see how wild i can be... speechless = . = , she really came, shocked is all i can say~~Even Calvin came, he kept said i never go club with an uncle, but it always happen the 1st time tho..

we off to Opera, i msged up Raj yet he on duty, so i dont bother him and went happy hour period without any charges, the music are bored indeed, all the old songs and nothing much to dance with.. yet Kelly they all are freaking high cos they kept drink, i do a flaming liqour for Chee Ho and Raymond, Raymond said nice but Chee Ho got over it.. xD~now i know why Shun always made flaming liqour for people =p we open up two bottle of Black Label.. till when i realized Nicholas already drunk, he claimed to back early, Chee Ho went out with him, till suddenly Chee Ho called and said Nicholas got into accident, it was sharp 12am, we went out and find him.. he were drunk and sit in the car, yet Chee Ho discuss with the guard in Pyramid for the whole accident, the owner of the car that got scratched by Nicholas are not around ... Till when things got settled, we went home individually. When i reached home, im sniffing in my heart, cos.... ITS 1AM, i reached home 1am, left 5 hours to sleep then have to off to work!! damn~~


The "aroma" of cigg and club, i wake up and go to office with kinda energetic feeling , weird uh? i can't shower in the early morning due to I will get rashes... as superior is not around, i can snake a lil while and being so free to move around disturbing my colleague.. slowly the time passby, im getting tired and went off to work kinda late still... reached home hoping i could sleep early, sis called and ask for Pizza meal with family, im tired but... PIZZA!!! I WANT IT BADLY~~~ went to Setia Alam Pizza Hut and taken our pizza supper~


Sis wake me up to go for swimming at MSC, it been few years i never went for swimming, I was really tired after wake up... but since got chance to swim then i gv it a try, or else wasted my mum money for send me to swimming lessons when i was young... sis said i doesnt need to put sunblock as I'm fair enough, so i straight went into the pool and swim, till reached 12pm, we went up, change and back home... here comes aches over my body becos its been long i nvr went for sports.. and damn!! i got SUNBURN! I din notice till my sis asked me why my hand so freaking red...

Afternoon was a small gathering party for mother's day at grandpa house.. I changed up and wear the singlet i bought on TOPSHOP, my sunburn become more obvious... while i over there, relatives all was really shocked why im that red, even my face have two types of skin tone... i look at the mirror, a CAP mark over my forehead, im freakin pissed ! Goddamn I being arrogant for not applying sunblock~! Cos im fair enough, till the sunburn looks real obvious on me... ! argghh..

On the night for second round, went to Jason Wan's 21st birthday party, reached around 10pm, started to play and drink with some of the Bailalo crew... Andy kept drink with Jason's grandpa, i was really shocked that the grandpa can really drink, more than me! at the same time, i worried him too, so i asked them to stop play with him, can see he cant really walk straight after drink much... from wine, beer to V.S.O.P, he is already old man, salute indeed!

I made a flaming liquor to Jason this time, I force him to drink but he only dare to drink half... Seeing he suffered from the hot temperature of the liquor to his lung, I felt guilty tho ~~ xD ... Hexter kept forced me and Ray take pics as they kept declare both of us looks like couple... grrrrrrrr~ got really frus seeing all of em couple, left me and Ray single and ended up we got tight together... Michael said I wear just damn nice and suitable to club, but em, just a T with short pants… grrrrrr !! went home around 1am... i dont tend to like to drink beers, maybe cos of the taste... but still, i get a lil dizzy while im driving home...


As it was mother's day, occasion is always come first for our family... Morning went to have breakfast with family and the precious one... Right on the evening, bro book a massage session for mum at Empire Gallery.. me and both of my sis went together and have our foot massage yet mum have her body massage right at Thai Odyssey... it was the first time i went for massage, and ... its freaking itchy for me... i kept laughed and sis said im embrassing.. lol, just cant hold on when the thai people massage my leg..

Right after that, went to Tasty Pot Restaurant at Sunway area, as brother waited for us over there... its packed, me and sis find a parking for half hour.. the steamboat over there are nice... I'm over fulled till my stomach gonna burst.. just taste nice and especially the crab.... OMG!!! huge 1...~ bro gv me part of the crab cos he saw my eyes are big when the meat of the crab..... huahuahuahua~


As i wake up early as usual went off to work.. this time i look totally different... my colleagues praising said i look more lady...and alot asking me why i look different today? well, jz some hair changing makes me look different.. i din get to take a pic as it doesnt look nice when taken the photo which such hair style... but it bright up my day which alot of people praising me =p..

David Lim called, asking why am I disappear for that long as din contact with them, misses me alot... we talked as usual, really happy and fool around, he asked for an outing on wednesday... ended up he called again for steamboat with babe and Shun...

i was like, WTF, steamboat again!?!?

im the 1st reached there, i was pissed off cos i waited for long and alone, looks like sohai.. people just keep look at me, a red shirt girl sitting over there alone, damn weird... (forgot to tell, my red shirt are really obvious RED), i called up and scold babe, till when she and Shun reached, they got scolded by me.. they then quickly take all the buffet steamboat, David take drinks for me, only i cool down... it was a 1000 degree turned, i became insane, play and fool around, they cant stop laughing at me =p... well, thats me ~~

it should be a buffet steamboat for me, ended up i ate 5 bowls of ice cream.. total up, 25 scoop of ICE CREAM!! David got scared when he saw i continue take ice cream after i finish one.. when the start we ate, i already take ice cream.. goshhh, i love it badly!! im phobia to steamboat already, damn i wonder how many kgs increase after two days of steamboat... grrrrrrrr!

It was a week that fulled with plan.. seriously packed... im lovin it indeed... somehow it bright up my mind and day... makes me feels really good of spending my time ... things should go on like how shud be isnt it? I just love to be who i am now...

In Fact: there was time i realized i already stop thinking about him like how it used to be, somehow there are time i do misses him alot... at the part, knowing he is living happy with his girl, as usual, im glad... Drew, after so long, the loves in my heart never change, just that i dont tend to be that stubborn for crying alot ... I know you were hoping im happy as well, but guess what, tho we doesnt together for long, but the part of the moment and memories, never went off like how times goes on... As the same, im loving you and misses you much, i could only wish upon, that Drew will always be happy enough.... In other way, I grew up after moving on the steps that the most hard to step on, Thanks for the part of the memories, and the true love you used to give me, I now finally learned, appreciate the love, yet.... i've missed out you.....



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