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Trip of 170410-180410

(The post that i pending for long , here comes whats happened for my last weekend)

Since the previous post, it’s around 1 week I didn’t update my blog. Somehow, it is a week that goes ordinary.

The last post was about my interview with that big company, somehow I went for 2nd interview again after I finish my job. Yet the second one, I guess I ruined the interview, which makes me feel that I can’t get that job particularly. It somehow made me so disappointed for my own, as I’m too confidence I might get it, apparently it wasn’t happen as what I hope. I told myself there are plenty of companies out there, no matter big or small organization, just give a try, as long got a job to work.


It in some way a smooth one over again, but there is extra feeling on the day, excited! Yeah, I’m excited, cos on the next day, I’m going for a 2 days 1 night trip with babe and the gang that went to Sanctuary on the day. Andy called up ask me to go for his birthday celebration at the Opera on Saturday night, I was really guilty cause I have my plan to go Penang, he sounds disappointed after I reject. If he tell earlier, maybe I can make it, I called Ray and Hexter, asking what gift they buying, Hexter told me he going to buy a gold necklace for Andy, then Ray scolded me for go Penang without them. No matter what, I felt happy cause we talked back, after the period we having some misunderstanding.


Woke up in the morning, I done a mistake that scared my sister; she thought I went to Penang in the early morning, she din notice I was still sleeping in the room, after I woke up, I was going downstairs to ask her whether want to go for breakfast, I stand in front of the toilet with black shirt and pants and hair mess cause I haven’t brush yet, on that moment she were closing the back door, suddenly she turn over and scream and started to cry, she got scared cause she never thought I still home and her mind on that moment were thinking that I already at Penang; I feel so guilty. After finish my breakfast, I packed my travel beg for the trip, it only 2 days 1 night, I feel like I’m bringing a lot of things already. Afterwards went to lunch with daddy and mummy after they finish their work, sis fetched me to babe’s house; only I saw, her luggage is bigger than mine, before that I was still thinking whether will she tease me if I bring my travel beg go, she even bring her sleeping small baby pillow go. I don’t care much even David Tan were outside her room playing games, I rolling on the bed yelling said I forgot to bring my blanket go, aww~ Till Shun reached then we start to move.

While in the car, four of us really quiet, didn’t talk much, Shun said its boring and quiet, till both of us put a bet saying we wont sleep after club at Penang, whoever lose shall get the punishment. All the while we listen club songs, from babe’s USB to David to mine 1, keep changing till we numb over the songs. Babe and Shun can’t sleep because I switch on loud, David car modified before, so it has the strong bass, both of them keep complaint.

Till when we reached Autocity, we exchanged the driver, then babe switch on loud the music, let me and David feel the “pain”. I got no feeling at all same goes David Tan. Reached Penang its already night time, its cats and dogs over there, till the place we waiting David Lim to come already flood. We had our dinner that David Lim ordered for us, Chow kuey teow, Hokkien Mee and Claypot chicken rice.

Drive all the way to Batu Feringgi for our hotel, everyone of us started to become more energetic, keep joking and play. Till we reached Hard Rock Café Hotel, we was like “WOW, we stay Hard Rock ka?!” , till David Lim drive passby~~~ only we realized we stayed beside Hard Rock Hotel named Bayview, David Tan then said ,” not bad, no hard rock, also got hard rock…. Beside.. go back can tell ppl we stay hard rock hotel … beside…” we all keep laughing.. when we reached, omg~ the hotel is nice! At least 4 star.. we no need to pay for that hotel cause its free due to one of the gang they have voucher. 5 of us who came from kl stayed in the same room, started to prepare and drive all the way to MOIS.

It is really fun inside MOIS, I found out a lot different things compare with kl club indeed. Firstly, the ladies, should said, WOMAN! There are grandma and grandpa type in the club, and hardly denied, they are really good in dancing. Even the dressing for the ladies, all are really standard, not like kl, thick make up, very campur type dressing; even there are some ladies wear only t shirt, with a jeans, with those jacket that looks long time ago, holding a beer and drink, I was like “WHAT THE HECK?!” really different. I admire them indeed...

The music were alright for me, maybe cause still somewhere fresh, so I don’t dance much, and yeah, the ladies over there, don’t dance much, me and babe keep dancing, people look at us like crazy one. Shun keep doing the same thing, spotting one of David Lim’s fren and make the guy drunk, keep do flaming chivas for the guy, till he got phobia, then they ordered Lamborghini all of us drink, the second lambor come again, till the guy he went home earlier and also his gf were really frustrated already. When I finally can fit in, David Tan drunk, and they said lets go home, ishh! David Tan were holding my hand as usual, as he actually really drunk, I’m just supporting him by lending him my shoulder, babe asked Shun came and support and pull me back to her.

We reached our hotel after had our supper around 3am, Shun and I bet and said we don’t want to sleep but go walk at the beach on the midnight, 4 of us wanted to go but babe don’t wish to, I don’t feel like putting her alone so we cancel the plan and let her sleep, we sit at the balcony and chat. Topic from ghost, adventure, challenges, disgusting story and a lot more; David Tan were really silly, he already drunk but still sit at the balcony with us, until we found out that he cannot hold on, we ask him to go sleep.

3 of us keep chatting, there was a moment I almost can’t hold on, but suddenly David Lim said something about David Tan, I become more awake and keep laughing. David Tan done a lot funny things that we don’t know, David Lim being a betrayer, told us all about his funny things, me and Shun laughed the hell out! About what he done after he drunk on the night they went Maison, what babe done as well, me and Shun laughed until babe awake, there was the moment she scared us; her hair is long, holding her baby pillow, walk really slow,suddenly I saw a head pop out behind Shun, 3 of us got scared! Till Shun asked her to go sleep, and we closed the door, even Mike sleep beside our room, he still can heard people is laughing real laugh, can imagine that, how crazy we are while we at balcony, facing the jungle somemore.

Till reach 6 in the morning, only we went to bed. Slept only 4 hours, im awake cause Mike came over and wake up for breakfast. In the mid a lot of funny things happened, make us can’t stop laughing.

We changed and went for breakfast, David Lim and I in the same car, so we chat and talked back about what we done last night, a night without sleep although drunk and talk all those funny things. After had our dim sum, we went to Queensbay to walk around. I bought myself a cooling pad and mouse for my lappie, wanted to buy the speaker but ended up babe bought it. Im gonna “overhaul” my lappie soon, now just survey whether which speaker I should buy~ After had our drinks at a restaurant, we start to drive back to Klang.

Shun whole night never sleep, finally I lost the bet, yet he somemore can drive back all the way to Klang, me and David Lim had a lil nap, but Shun never; while on our way, I thought of changing driver to drive as David Lim din sleep much as well, but he said he can hold on, so I tend to chat with him all the way we going home, till reached Klang, all of us already tired and hungry, went to had our dinner and back to our own home.

This trip being an ordinary one, it somehow makes me really enjoyed much... this what i realized, not to put hope of who you joining, neither rich nor poor, neither good lookin or ugly, just the matter of how you try to fit in the situation with your ownselves, you gain more from that ...

Thanks to the gang for giving me a really enjoyable trip... lets plan for our next trip there... we are really crazy , cos our vision is to go every single place club... feels the extrodinary one...


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