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ღ Merry Xmas ღ

Merry Xmas!!
i love this day ~
cos i felt warm enough,
thou i din share with d most special one,
but i spend with my day with love ones..

on the christmas eve,
i celebrate in the car,
cos stucked in the jam in sungai wang area while im heading to Poppy..
ppl who fetch me drove to the wrong way ended up im late for club..
in the mid happened alot of things,
dont want to blog about it ..
this was the 1st time i saw ppl celebrating some festival with soo happening..
people spray the snowy,
and some band playing instrument,
people all around the street..
stucked in the jam almost one and half hour,
and when we finally escape from the crowd,
d crowd and the street dat full with rubbish..
and yeah,the 1st time i saw dat too =.=
reached club and spend my club night with the gang..
not that enjoyable,
which i guess im started to feel tired..
maybe cos nothing new already...
old songs,old gang,old dance...
nothing new for me..
but thx for the few one spend time with me
and take care me when see im not feeling well..

today morning,
woke up arond 9am by my sis,
and went to The Curve ...
and we are so lucky cos we reached early,
when we done shopping that time,
is already crowded and jam..
went to The Curve's Element again..
bought myself a nice nice skirt again..
and one thing,
im sooo gonna buy the shoes!!
is it soooooooooooo gooddamn nice!
next month,i gonna go there and buy that shoes!!
went to O'briens and have my breakfast..

a breakfast cost us rm60+..
but is nice to eat thou...
then went to IKEA ..
having fun with sis at IKEA,
laughing and fooling around..
but when almost done shopping,
me and my sis cant stand long anymore,
we are suffering in pain for our leg,
and my waist are bloody pain..

back to home sleep for the afternoon,
and sis woke up me,
to watch movie ...
Bodyguards and Assassins...
tis movie were real awesome,
thou some scenes i din watch due to im phobia over those fighting one..
but the movie were meaningful,
makes me know a lil history ..
and yeah,
i felt dat ashame dat i din know our history dat well..
cos i gave all back to my teacher..

and now,
im home..
my waist ARE IN PAIN!!!
i missed him again...

thru facebook,
i saw his fren mentioned his car is puncit...
when i know that,
im worried..
wondering did he can handle it?
wondering did he alone?
wondering did anyone help him?
i bet he sure very pissed off now..
and pissed cos he din celebrate christmas happily
yet happened something bad to him..
all the worries,
im jz worry here..
but i really hope,
he could be safe enough..
as i said,
if santa exist..
Santa, please bless him have a great ending night for christmas,could you?

People said,
since there is impossible,
why you still love him and still being like this?
i know that we arent goin back no more,
thou there is fact that wont change anymore...
but there is love i cant let go..
there is feeling that i cant ignore...
and dats why,
i decided to love him like i always do,
and go on with this feeling to wherever i go,
as long,
he is happy,
and im happy too =)

ღ Santa, spread my loves to the one i love in this christmas.... may he happy in this season of greetings ღ


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