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  • 当一个男人对你说:分手吧。请不要哭泣和流泪,应该笑着说:等你这句话很久了。然后转身走掉。when a guy says:"we break up". Never cry and tears, should smile and says: "i waited you to say this so long." Then turn yourself and walk away.
  • 要相信自己,善待自己,让自己的生活精彩缤纷。不要误认为是要让某人后悔,而是为了让自己的人生更精彩。Must believe,treat yourself better,let your life become meaningful. Never think about letting someone regret,but is to let your life become more meaningful.
  • 一次只爱一个人。once just love a person.
  • 认真的努力工作。工作也许不如爱情来得让你心跳,但至少能保证你有饭吃,有房子住,不确定的爱情给不了这些,所以,认真努力的工作。Serious in your job. Work though never let you have the love heart beat,but at least can let you have place to stay,have things to eat,a love which not sure couldn't give you all this.
  • 已经错失的好男人不要去后悔,他们不属于你,于是你要睁大眼睛再找一个。If you lost a better guy,never regret,they not yours,you must open your eye wisely and find another 1.
  • 你可以去爱一个男人,但是不要把自己的全部都赔进去。没有男人值得你用生命去讨好。你若不爱自己,怎么能让别人爱你?you can love a guy,but never give your everything. not a guy worth you more than your life. you never love youself,how to let a guy love you?
  • 如果发讯息给喜欢的人,他不回。不要再发。if send a message to a person who you like,he never reply. never send again.
  • 万一脆弱得不行了,清选好哭泣的对象,不要随便借肩膀和胸膛。If you are so tired and weak,please choose a person who can help you wisely,don't simply borrow shoulder from other people.
  • 如果决定离开一个人,行动要快一点,快到斩乱麻;如果决定爱一个人,时间拉长点,看清楚是否适合自己。if decide to leave someone,please be fast;if decide to love someone,let the time show u,is it the person suits you.
  • 不要为了任何人任何事折磨自己。比如不吃饭,哭泣,自闭,忧郁,这些都是傻瓜做的事。当然,偶尔沙一下有必要,人生不必时时聪明。never because of anyone anything hurt urself,example like dun eat,cry and etc,this is what stupid do. of course,sometimes be a stupid . life never meant to be clever always.
  • 如果一个男人对你说他爱你,相信他。如果他说不爱你,也相信他。任何时候,要告诉自己,一个不爱你的人离开,是幸运的。if a guy told u he love you,trust him.if he said he dun love you,also trust him.no matter when,must tell urself,someone who dun love you left you,is lucky.
  • 穿有质感的衣服,找有质量的男友。它不一定很有钱,但是一定要能让你有安全感和开心。choose a better guy,he doesnt meant to be rich,but he will give u warm and happiness.
  • 想吃就吃。为了保持身材让自己饿着,那是世界上最愚蠢的美丽。
  • 如果哪个男人说了让你难堪的话,原谅他。一个被原谅的男人最后会后悔失去一个像你这样宽容的女友。if any of the guy said something hurt u,forgive him. a guy who got forgiven will regret of losing a girlfren like you.
  • 如果很不幸遇上了一个以上床为目的,对你始乱终弃的男人,请先微笑,然后歧视他;你是我这辈子遇见最龌龊最无能的男人。然后用最美的方式头也不要回的离开。if you are unlucky met a guy who want sex from you,please smile first,and discriminate him: "you are the stupiest and useless guy i ever met in my life. and use a nicest way leave without looking back.
  • 如果男人以他忙为理由,不来关心你,无法和你分担,无法给你勇气。勇敢点,自动离开。没有什么比自己关心自己来的实在。而一个不爱你的人,你 付出的再多,他再好,那也不过是浪费时间和精力。if a guy give you excuse for not caring and take care you,nvr give you energy. be brave,leave! nothing be more meaningful to care urself more than others.someone who dun love you,no matter how much you give,how good is him,dat just wasted of time .
  • 学会承受痛苦。有些话,适合烂在心里,有些痛苦,适合无声无息的忘记。当你经历过了,你成长了,自己知道 就好。很多改变,不需要你自己说,别人也会看得到。learn to accept the hardness.some words,suit to keep in heart,some hard,suit to forget it quietly. when you pass through,you will grow up. keep it in ur heart,a lot of changes,doesn't nid u to shout out,people will realized themselves.
  • 不要再一个男人离开之后,企图用报复心理去生活。那只会让你的生活乱成一团。正确的做法是比从前生活得更好。并告诉他:你生活得很好,很快乐,让他不要担心。never ever think of revenge after a guy left you,dat jz make ur life worst. the better way is live more happily than b4 and tell him,you live so happily,ask him no nid worry.
  • 公共场所,给人行方便,特别是来人家。你也会老去,所以尊重老人也就是尊重你以后的岁月。
  • 如果没人陪,学着一个人听音乐看书写文字。这是好习惯。
  • 之前你放弃的人或放弃你的人,深夜打电话给你,挂掉之后关机。如果他守在窗口,记得关紧窗帘。不是你狠心,而是任何经历伤痛之后得分手都会有裂痕,修补得再好也无法还原。不如就让它过去。
  • 爱那个爱你的人。如果只是你爱他,或者只是他爱你。趁早分开。女子不需要他人来假装疼爱,你也不需要假装疼爱某人。love the person who love you.if just you love him,or just he love you,leave as soon as possible. girl doesn't need guy to care her for fake,you also no nid to care someone so fake.
  • 如果可以,和相爱的人牵手漫步。在找不到之前,学会自己欣赏风景。
  • 相信总有一个人在岁月的拐角处静静的等你。只是你要擦亮眼睛,细心寻找。believe dat someone will wait u in the end of the age corner,just you nid to open ur eyes wisely,look carefully.
  • 做个睿智的女孩。学会从容面对生活。积极面对生活,生活定会如你所愿,如同明早,太阳依旧会如时升起。

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