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Let me...

why could u have jz can see dat im not tough not strong enuf?
how i made until u saw my real me?

u said,no matter hw strong hw tough,
im still a girl..
still nid ppl pamper.
how could u say so
how could u noe dat?
how could u see wat am i?

i tried to keep it already,
i tot i succeed.
people din realize..
but still,you found out,YK.

u said u will help me to find back my confidence,the trust,u will pamper me.
thanks YK.thanks.
i noe u appreciate me as a fren.
but still..
i couldnt borrow any of u all time,couldnt ask u all lend me shoulder.
cos im scare.
scare to let u all noe im weak.

i told u thx,but i dun nid couldnt accept ur support.
cos...ngo chang mm dou la..
i told u ngo chang mm dou lar YK.
u said i can...
but actually,i dunno wats wrong wit me..
dats why im exhausted.

im being not me.
Even darry also said so,i'v changed.
am i?
do u saw the real me?
do u noe wat i change?
do u realize im not the real byby ed?
did u concern about it?
no,sigh..cos no matter how i change,is none of ur business anymore.

im tired.
even i nid people to pamper me.
who else?
i said i dun nid any1
dun nid guys.
but dumb me
stil waiting my mr right.
i tot im happy enuf.

im really exhausted.

couldnt stop my tears
im sorry.
i feel warm u said u will cheer me up
but,i couldnt accept dat.
cos im scare to borrow ur shoulder.
thx u treat me so nice,as a fren of urs,i feel glad. =)

let me act im tough enuf ok?
let me lie myself can i?
jz once...

i nid dat so that i can continue get away from HURT.
seriously. Let me.
Sorry once again.


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