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3 parts me

oh hell yeah,
i'm so happy that they all so got confident on me
thought i can be 3 part and settle all the things.
should i proud of it?

im just lilian ok?
not 1 2 3 me
i oni got 1 body 1 soul and 1 mind
dun ask me become three.

you can do it doesnt mean i can
don't throw everything to me
im not super power girl

whenever face problems,
feel like finding someone to cheer me up
but hell,nobody.!
every1 tot i very optimistic like that.

im not so geng ok?~
im jz me

feeling like to kill someone or express on anything that can make me feel better.
cried hard end up with sleepy,but still need do assignment.

as what he said
see my blog also feel my life got a lot problems
i also wan noe why i face so many problems.

haih,thinking something which shouldn't ever think of .

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